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Al Sadoun Group of Factories :

There Is No Doubt That, Since The Dawn Of The Economic Renaissance In Saudi Arabia In The Era Of The Present We Touch All Our Efforts To Push The Economic Wheel To The Imam.. Support Special Support To Achieve Prosperity And Prosperity
As A Result Of What We Have Entrusted To The Government Of The Custodian Of The Two Holy Mosques And His Eminent Crown Prince In This Generous Country, The Industrial Sector Has Given Great Support And Attention To Its Great Role In The Development Of National Economy, Self-Sufficiency And The Development Of Human Resources.
And To Be One Of These Hands To Contribute To The National Economy To Growth This Country. We Established Factories Al Sadoun Carpets To Be One Of The Finest And The Latest Carpet Factories In The World.
Al Sadoun Group Of Factories Aims To Be Distinguished By Preserving The Past Heritage And Integrating It Using The Latest Technology To Be A Castle For The Carpet Industry In The Region And A Pride Of The Homeland In International Forums.
All The Latest Advanced Scientific Methods And Operation. He Was Appointed To An Excellent Selection Of Professionals In Various Disciplines
To Become An Integrated Factory In The Tender.

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Technical Support

In The Course Of 24 Years Of Continuous Work It Has Been Manufacturing Carpets And Rugs  Of Various Types, Designs And Sizes.
The Plant Started With A Production Capacity Of 3.5 Million Square Meters Per Year.

A Team Of Specialists

Al Sadoun Carpets and Rugs Factory, Al Sadoon Carpets Factory, Al Synthetic Yarn   Factory, Al Sadoun Spun  Yarn Factory
Al Sadoon Carpets And Rugs Factory Was The Main Factory Of This Group,



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Al Sadoun Group of Factories Products Carpets and carpet:

Woven carpets, Tufted Carpets, printed carpets and rugs, carpets tiles
2. Yarns needed for carpet production


Carpets, printed carpets, carpets and dyed scarves.


Regional Markets And Global Markets.
Internal And External Exhibitions
Al Sadoun Group Of Factories Produces Various Types Of Carpets And Luxury Carpets,
Jeddah And Other Cities In The Kingdom To Introduce These Brands As Well As Meet Requests

Al Sadoun Factories for Carpets and Printed Rugs

Is One Of The Best Carpet And Carpet Factories In The Middle East And The World

It May Be Unique In Having This Advanced Technology And This Plant Has Come To Meet The Needs
Different Markets Of The Finest Types Of Carpets And Printed Rugs Of Both


Printed Chromo Jet And Rotary
The Design Department, The Carpet Department, The Printing And Dyeing Department, The Finishing And Packaging Department, In Addition To The Presence Of Other Supporting Departments

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